Effective control and motivation
of trade managers

Manage sales and boost annual turnover by 56% *
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for business processes
and client corporate style
15+ years experience
in bulding solutions
and work optimization
in FMCG segment
Product effectiveness
proven by the largest players
of the FMCG-market
Controlling distant teams
  • Flexible mechanism for setting individual and team tasks
  • Tasks based on general sales volume or individual SKU
  • Interactive dashboard for progress tracking
  • Photo fixation of the product display at POS
  • Integration with client's financial accounting systems
Motivational program
  • Employee promotion within the tasks' framework
  • Gamification mechanics
  • Scoring for activity within the application
  • Employee rating
  • Integrated gift service
  • Educational database: products, display guides, equipment etc.
  • Flexible mechanics for questionnaire creation
  • Interactive trainings, including all necessary materials and tests
  • Integration with an existing motivational program
  • Individual and group chats to ensure prompt info and data exchange; tasks, sales planning and prizes discussions
  • Chat support service or integration with a chatbot
  • News feed to introduce market novelties and gather feedback
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