Machine learning
and AR in retail

Ready-made solution for recognition
and interactive presentation of products
on retailers' shelves
Training of the Recognition System
1. We receive SKU samples from you
2. We prepare a data set (photographs) for the neural network
3. We teach the Recognition System on the prepared data
Recognition of products
in the store
User scans the shelves with the products, using mobile application in the point of sale.
After the system has recognized the product user sees the following product information:
  • Exact price
  • Reviews
  • Key Benefits
  • Link to your website
Creating a shopping list
User is running low on a frequently used product (for example, toothpaste) or friends recommended a product they are actively using.
User scans the product and adds it to the shopping list. The application allows ordering products from shopping lists on varies retailers' websites (integration with a retailer is required).
Curious about innovations in the retail sector?
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our capabilities and experience in using
machine learning and AR technologies
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