Chatbot for your business

A new channel of communication with your customers and partners
in Vkontakte, Telegram, Viber, Facebook Messenger or within mobile application
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Service support
Reduce your support center load
and let chatbot cover answers to all
typical questions.
sales channel
Consult users on the product selection and let them order desired products directly within the messenger.
Automatic notifications of company
news and promotions
via messenger.
Product selection
Virtual consultant will help your clients to choose the most suitable product according to given parameters in the dialogue mode.
Customer support
Automation of the 1st support line by immediately answering the most frequent questions in automatic mode. User is redirected to a live consultant only if the answer to the question is not found.
Placing orders
via messenger
Chatbot will not only help the client to choose the best product, but will also allow to order it directly within the messenger. The order will automatically be added
to your CRM.
Trigger notifications and mailing list will remind customers to make a purchase or speak about new products and promotions.
Statistics on
all user actions
We record all user activity in the chatbot to obtain conversion Analytics and optimize interaction.
Automation of
business tasks
Chatbot is a universal tool for solving any business task. We will not only provide your business with ready-made solution, but can also develop any specific module to meet your needs.
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